Spirituality is not an alternative way of living. It´s living in itself - Sri Bhagavan   

I am a native Brazilian, graduated in the UK of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I am qualified in Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, GuaSha, Tuina Massage, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. My passion is natural health and living a down-to-earth lifestyle, connecting to the flow and rhythms of nature and honouring our place here, as well as our planet.

What led me to this work?

After a dynamic and stressful time as a Journalist in 2007, I decided to embrace new changes, going back to college to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portugal! 

After a few years deepening my studies in Lisbon, I ended up moving to England where I concluded my degree and worked with TCM  in a renowned clinic in UK.

I have a keen intuition, which inspired me to broaden my horizons, and led me to live and work in Thailand in 2013. I totally found self awareness at Chiva-Som International Health Resort , as I began practicing yoga and meditation almost every day. 

Back home in 2014, I was a TCM freelancer searching to deepen myself into spiritual and mindful practices, then I found wonderful methods such as Deeksha, Aura Soma and Aromatherapy.

I have seen many seas and have to yet seeded my roots, so this year, 2018 I have embraced a different challenge in Shanghai - China, where I am leading wellness programs and studying more about Chinese Herbs. 

I am passionate about vegan and vegetarian nutrition, mind-body exercise, women’s health, detoxification. My dream is to continue learning, evolving and sharing inspiration and resources about this way of life.

What keeps me healthy?

A number of mental and physical activities  to maintain me on track, such as hatha yoga, plant based nutrition and my connection with my own divine spirit through my breath and nature.


Let it be

Qualifications & Experience

  • Diploma in Communication/ Journalism University Metodista of São Paulo - Brazil

  • Certificate in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Nutrition, Tuina Massage and Qi Gong - Portugal

  • Advanced Diploma of Applied Science Honours (Acupuncture) - UK

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in UK

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Chivasom - Thailand

  • Postgraduate degree in Acupuncture - Brazil

  • Certificates in extended courses in Herbal Medicine and TCM Diagnosis - Brazil.

  • Wellness Manager Aman - China

  • Holistically supporting your wellbeing through Naturopathy and Chinese Medicine at Kamalaya - Thailand